Your Fixer—Turnover Insurance

Your FixerDoctors, when you hire a hygienist or assistant, they’re right under your nose. For the most part you can see their work and know if they’re “on the job.”

Not so much so for the front desk team. It’s hard for Doctors to have the time, much less the knowledge, to know that all the bases are covered at the front desk. Are the insurance forms and bills getting out on a timely basis? Is the Recall System organized? Is there treatment follow up on patients that didn’t previously schedule? How is the front desk person handling the phones with new patients (or anyone)? Are they doing all that can be done to keep your patients happy and your schedule full?

Let’s face it, most of you don’t have the time or inclination to really stick your nose into the practice management software and see what’s going on. Even well-meaning, experienced front desk people can be dropping the ball without knowing they’re dropping the ball. You don’t want your office systems to break down due to turnover.

That’s where Heidi Benson comes in. Heidi is our new addition but she is certainly not new to dentistry. For over 20 years, she’s been a Dentrix trainer and she’s familiar with most all dental software including: Eaglesoft and Open Dental.

So, if you have turnover, call us and Heidi will come to your office for a “Systems Check Through.” If your front desk person is doing all that should be done, you’ll have the peace of mind of knowing it. If there are areas that are slipping, Heidi will nicely offer any relevant advice. Heidi is not a threat to your new front desk people…she can be their strongest ally. We want your front desk people to be happy and you to be happy with them. You’ll have busier schedules and a better bottom line (plus peace of mind knowing it’s all under control).

So, if you’ve had turnover in the last few months and/or want your administrative staff to get a one-on-one tune up, call me. We will get it done!


Your good words are still our single best source of new clients. Please don’t keep us a secret. When you see colleagues who tell you their practice is “stalled”, tell them to call us. We’ll make sure they’ll thank you for the suggestion.