Don’t Miss This Webinar About Clinical Calibration

Clinical Calibration: The Ethical Approach to Practice Growth

teamworkJuly 30, 2014
6:00 pm CDT

What Will You Learn?

  1. How your practice compares to others in terms of patient flow and case acceptance.
  2. How to lay the foundation for substantial and sustained practice quality and growth.
  3. How to create simple exercises to help the whole team constructively empower patients to make treatment decisions that are in their own best interest.
  4. How to establish consistent hygiene treatment protocols and presentation.

It has been my experience that “Clinical Calibration” can greatly increase a practice’s success, but even if it didn’t help make you more money, you’ll be glad you did it anyway! It’s essential for consistency and getting good outcomes for your patients.

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Many of you are familiar with this material. However, if it’s been a while or if you have Doctors or team members that have not heard it, I encourage their participation.


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