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Fluoride Code D1206

fluoride on teethMoving forward in 2015, it is best to simplify your fluoride codes. By now, most practices are using fluoride varnishes exclusively for both adults and children. That being the case, it may be beneficial for most offices to use code D1206 Topical Application of Fluoride Varnish as compared to D1208 Topical Application of Fluoride, which does not specify the type of fluoride formulation or technique used for application.

Code D1206 has also dropped restrictions for reporting related to patients with moderate to high caries risk making the code appropriate anytime you apply fluoride varnish. There may be other reasons to use Code 1206 exclusively. Reimbursement may be higher through many insurance plans and, in addition, some contracts may reimburse D1206 for individuals 18 yrs. and older if the patient is at high caries risk. “High Caries Risk” then should be put in the remarks section of the claim form.


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