The Growth of Multi-Location Group Practices

Monday, February 21, 2011
Like Arby’s?

Years ago we thought the trend would be franchise practices in retail settings. It hasn’t exactly happened that way but there has certainly been a growth of multi-location group practices.

In most cases, the model is less formalized than say an “Arby’s.”

Of course, there are the more “corporate” type of large clinics in multiple locations, such as Metro (37) and Park (23).

But, if you look at the recent activity in the Midwest, what you see are groups such as Midwest Dental and Heartland (word is Heartland is coming to our area). Midwest Dental owns more than 77 upper Midwest practices. Heartland (centered in Illinois) has about 300.

Then there are smaller multiple location groups such as Main Street Dental (5 locations in southern Minnesota) and Family and Cosmetic Gentle Dentistry (12 locations) in the Metro area.

There are other niche-type practices such as The Smile Center (7) and Emergency Dental Care U.S.A. (7 Nationally).

Midwest Dental and others are eager to buy and they’re growing. Heck, Heartland Dental even owns a corporate jet! You have to be making some serious moola to have one of those. Let’s take a look at how some of these groups do it.

Posted by Bill Rossi at 11:09 AM
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