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PPO Plays Dentaltown

Hey Friends of APM…check out Bill‘s latest Dentaltown session with Howard Farran!

Dentaltown Learning Online is pleased to present, “PPO Plays” by Bill Rossi of Advanced Practice Management. The AGD # is 550 and there are 1.5 credits given for this course. We believe that private independent practice is the best way to deliver dentistry. It’s best for the patients, the Doctors and the staff. We further believe that sound management helps the Doctor thrive in a profession that is increasingly impinged on by Corporate Dentistry, PPOs, and other interests. Through our ongoing work in helping to manage over 220 offices in the Upper Midwest area, and

advise to Dentists across the country on “PPO Plays”, we have the information that helps level the playing field between the Dentists and insurance companies. It’s time for you to get your game on. It is not unusual to see dental offices write off 10%, 20%, 30% and more of their production due to PPO participation. After staff expenses, PPO write offs are among the biggest “expense” that a practice can have. PPOs are a reality of the current marketplace. So, the smart practitioner needs to know how to best deal with them. You have more power than you think you do. The right decisions here can add $1,000s to your bottom line and add greatly to your sense of control and security in the practice. Whatever your situation is, there is no question that you will have to make decisions about joining and leaving PPOs. Making the right moves as you participate with PPOs ensure a healthy bottom line and practice independence going into the future. This hour of CE will give you and your staff the basics you need to level the playing field with the “big guys” at the PPOs. Any dentist thinking about accepting or leaving PPOs should view this CE course.