According to Bill Rossi of Advanced Practice Management, There Seems to be a Law of Diminishing Returns by Adding the Next PPO

Practices with little or no insurance participation generally see fewer new patients than practices with more participation. However, is there a point where there are diminishing returns with increased PPO participation? Anecdotally, he (and we) have noticed that practices that participate in almost every PPO available don’t see a proportionally greater number of new patients, and sometimes even see a drop. So, he looked into his company’s considerable database to measure this statistically.To summarize the results: Practices that have no or very little PPO participation tend to have significantly less new patients. On the other hand, practices with deep PPO participation do not see proportional increases in new patients to account for the added write-offs. The data shows the best position is to have a modest amount of PPO participation. For most practices this would mean a collection percentage of 80% to 90%. The moral is don’t be quick to sign up for the umpteenth PPO. It won’t be worthwhile