It Starts with Goals:

Thursday, January 13, 2011

You hear it from me every year. Now it’s time to reflect on the past year. Note your accomplishments and challenges. Outline your goals for the coming year. Write down what you’d like to see happen. Share them with us and we’ll help you make them happen.

Most of our clients with written goals reach most of their goals. It costs so little and it can be so rewarding. Just take an hour right now and do it.

The Latest Word on Practice Overhead:

KDV* has just released its bi-annual general practice overhead survey. It’s a sample of 70+ full-time, mature practices. As such, it’s the best and most detailed information of its kind available for our area. Some highlights:

• Average Net Income was $259,842. This was down from the $275,302 average in 2008. KDV said this marked the first decrease in 25 years of preparing these statistics.

• Overhead as a percentage of fees received increased a point to 65%. So the average net is now 35%. What is yours? Remember, average is not necessarily your aspiration.

• Staff gross wages are still about 26%-27%. If you can’t clearly compare your statistics to the industry standards and don’t have a clear look at your bottom line, we can help. Get QuickBooks Pro really working for you. No serious business owner would go without clear financial reports. This overhead survey is a very valuable perspective to help you in budgeting. It will be posted online at on the “Surveys” page. You’ll also find other useful information there on the current Dental Economy, Technology and Insurance Participation.

Our Fee surveys are also online and were recently updated in October.

* Davich, Wilson and Morrow, who have been doing these overhead surveys for 25 years, merged with KDV (

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