Your Statistician

Your StatisticianEver wonder about the effect of evening hours on a practice in attracting new patients? How about Friday afternoons? How important are Google Reviews to bringing in new patients really? Do practices with higher PPO participation really get more new patients than those with more mid-range or low participation? What are the properties of practices that attract more than average new patients and those that attract fewer?

We monitor over $30 Million dollars’ worth of dental activity per month in over 220 offices with over 300 Dentists represented. That’s a lot of data to sift through but I’ve found the guy who can do it!

I brought on Anantha Santhanam. He did analysis work for the Mayo Clinic and is attending the Carlson School of Management. Now he is working for you because everyone on my team is on your team.

In our consulting meetings this year we will be bringing you up to date on this research.

This is another example of how you, as an Independent Practitioner, get top notch management support from us.


Production per Exam (from our APM Database): This is a measurement of the range and depth of dental services accepted and delivered.

Your Statistician 2