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Profitable Dentist Seminar In Destin, Florida

Monday, May 4, 2009

We had a great time in Destin, Florida,
at the Profitable Dentist Seminar.

Shelly Ryan and I presented the “What Do You Say When” Show and everyone had a blast.

Just goes to show that learning needn’t be boring. We had great music in a fast-paced Game Show setting that had everyone moving and cheering, vying for prizes which included cash pay-outs and…chocolate.

Shelly presented multiple-choice questions that were easy but critical to every dental office’s success. She quickly explained why one response was better than the others, without interrupting the hectic excitement.

You gotta see the video at our website. (Look for the “What Do You Say When” logo.) This seminar can travel! Book us for your event.

Shelly Ryan has over 20 years of experience in dentistry as a Chairside Assistant, Financial Coordinator and Office Manager. As a consultant with Advanced Practice Management, she helps coach over 250 dental teams.


Delta Dental Is In The News

It’s a topic that comes up often, doesn’t it? But in the same breath as $2.8 million lawsuit against them?

Delta Dental Dental InsuranceThe Star Tribune reported on 4/27/09 that The Smile Center has filed a $2.8 million lawsuit against Delta.

The Smile Center (Dr. Ed Silker and company) has five locations around the state. They take on quite a bit of Medical Assistance.

Delta said it withheld money because the clinic provided significantly more services per patient than other clinics serving poor Minnesotans. Is it possible to take Delta to court and win?

Any Doctor who was, has or will be “audited” and been asked to refund money to Delta will find the outcome of this contest interesting.

Delta comes up often in our newsletter, free for the reading, on our website.

And if you’re considering a consultant, test the water with a call to me. Free, 20 minutes, no obligation. Just a chance to find out more.

If you’re not quite ready even for that, keep an eye on our website. You’ll find hundreds willing to vouch for our honesty and integrity. And lots of trend spotting and ready advice anyone can use… gratis.

Just in case, my number is 952 921 3360.

The McGill Advisory Quotes Me Extensively

This is a subscription-only newsletter, well respected in the dental field. Their June 2009 issue quoted me at length about participating in managed care.

What they said: “Almost all practices will benefit more through better management than by [participating in] managed care….”

I couldn’t have quoted myself better.

I can answer your questions about participating in managed care. A free 20-minute consultation is available by calling 952 921 3360.

And many of our newsletters cover the subject. They’re available, free for the reading, on our web site,

Speaking of our newsletters, another issue is coming up in August. Check the site often for the latest news from the team.

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Is Midwest Dental a viable transition option?

Most often, when you think of multi-location group practices, “Metro” and “Park” come to mind. However, Metro and Park have now combined (as American Dental Partners affiliates) and have 57 practices. Midwest Dental, out of Mondovi, Wisconsin has 67 practices (42 in Wisconsin, 10 in Minnesota, 9 in Illinois, 4 in Iowa and 2 in Colorado).

I recently talked to Sean Epp, the Managing Director of Development* for Midwest. Midwest Dental’s business model is different than the other conglomerates because it’s based largely on one- and two-man practices. They see their model as a traditional practice.

For some dentists, Midwest Dental can be a viable transition option. They often employ the selling Doctor so it’s a possibility if you want to sell your practice but still would like to work for a while. Since the big merger a while back there hasn’t been a lot of news out of Park and Metro Dental. They still maintain separate websites. At one time I thought we’d see a diaspora of Doctors and patients but we haven’t seen that happen.

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