Monthly Archives: June 2014

Google Makes Another Change For The Better

Google My BusinessGoogle has made another significant change. Google Places is now called Google My Business. Now, before you groan let me tell you that this change is for the better and will make managing your dental office’s Google presence easier.

With this latest move, it is clear that Google is continuing to make a significant investment in empowering small businesses. They have rebranded the program and reorganized the business side dashboard to include all of the important controls in one convenient spot:

  • Your business listing
  • Your online reviews
  • AdWords Express
  • Google Analytics

What Should You Do Next?

  1. Log in to your Google account and make sure things transitioned smoothly to the new platform. If I originally helped you to claim your practice’s Google Places listing, you should have your Google login email and password. If you do not, contact me and I will get that to you.
  2. Make sure that you have a single business listing and no duplicates.
  3. Update your listing. Make sure your listing is up to date. Make sure you have a profile photo and cover photo. Are your office hours correct for the summer? Add an extra details and make sure to save your changes.
  4. Add a post. While you are logged in, add an update about your office. Do you have a new summer special for whitening? Have you added a new team member? Do you have a photo of a recent team event? Adding to your Google listing bolsters your online presence. It just takes a minute but the effort goes a long way.

Have any questions, feel free to contact Kelly Larson by email at