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Collections Made Comfortable Seminar

Presented by: Shelly Ryan
Friday, November 3, 9:00 am to 1:00 pm
Embassy Suites Bloomington, MN
Fee: $219 First person, $199 each additional

Everyone on Your Team Has to Deal With Patients, Money andInsurance. Make Sure They Know How!

This perennial favorite is a must-attend for you and your team. Dealing with patients, money and insurance is something you have to do every day so why not do it well? And, it takes the whole team!

Take the confusion out of dental fees and insurance so your patients follow through on treatment and your schedule stays full.

This seminar is almost always a sellout. $219 first person and $199 each additional. $20 discount per attendee if registered by September 15th.

CALL TODAY (952-921-3360) to reserve your space before we do our general mailing.

Shelly Is Interviewed By Howard Farran

Our own Shelly Ryan was recently interviewed as a guess speaker on Howard Speaks. They discussed Shelly’s insights on going back to the basics of dental practice management, including how to create and use checklists effectively.


Checklist #1 – Case Presentation

Checklist #2 – Unpaid Claims Tracking Report

Checklist #3 – Unscheduled Treatment

Checklist #4 – Morning Huddle

Checklist #5 – Monthly Collections Tracking

Checklist #6 – New Patients & Marketing

Checklist #7 – Patient Flow & Financials

Checklist #8 – Ten Point Recall System

Checklist #9 – Scheduling & Capacity



Collections Made Comfortable Seminar | Friday, November 6

Everyone On Your Team Has To Deal With Patients, Money & Insurance. Make Sure They Know How!

  • Presented by Shelly Ryan
  • Friday, Nov. 6th
  • 9:00am -1:00
  • Embassy Suites, Bloomington, MN

dental collections seminarThis Is A Must for Your Team! This seminar is almost always a sellout. Clients get first dibs! So CLICK HERE TO RESERVE YOUR SPOTS. $198 first person and $168 each additional. $20 discount per attendee if registered by September 15th .

NEW Special Segment: 2015 & 2016 CDT Codes

Learn which codes get the best reimbursement and when to use them; How to get better reimbursement for ERPT’s; And more!

Any Questions?

Please call APM at (952) 921-3360

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Collections Seminar Back By Popular Demand

Collections Seminar Shelly Ryan



Collections Made Comfortable

You can count on our own Shelly Ryan to offer a straightforward approach to the details of collections that’s:

  • Kind to your patients
  • Easy on you
  • And will help the practice to grow!

We won’t waste your time with a lot of pie-in-the sky, overly complicated and bureaucratic “financial policies.” We are talking about real-life collections techniques that you can use in your office the very next day.

Date: Friday, November 6th
Time: 9:00 AM – 1:00 PM CST
Location: Bloomington Embassy Suites
2800 American Blvd
Bloomington, MN 55431
Cost: $198 first attendee and $168 for each additional. $20 per person Early Bird discount for registrations before September 15th.
Call (952) 921-3360
Or email

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You Will Learn:

  • How the right use of payment options and financing moves patients toward treatment.
  • How the entire team’s involvement brings collections to the next level and keeps patients happy.
  • How to overcome almost any patient objections to finances.
  • Key measurements and tracking systems of your collection effectiveness.
  • How to know when to be aggressive and when finesse will get you further, faster.
  • Reduce insurance related confusion and hassles throughout the office.
  • Reduce chances of patient misunderstandings.
  • How to tactfully collect from emergency patients.
  • Should we charge a fee after missed appointments? Know the benefits and drawbacks.
  • How much downtime is normal? When is “too little” open time actually a problem?
  • How the proper patient information flow can reduce stress, increase efficiency and help you stay on time.
  • How to schedule “out-of-network patients” – and collect!
  • Answers to the most common legal questions regarding collections.
  • Smart successful collection calling techniques that are kind but effective.
  • Turn every patient into an ally – how do patients know you’re really listening to them?
  • Eliminate negative situations – how to handle the most demanding situations, without getting angry or losing your composure.
  • Tips for improving cooperation between administration and clinical staff.
  • How to avoid making a bad telephone impression. You’ll be amazed how often this can happen – even when the best people answer the phone.
  • Dealing with late patients, late cancellations, and even staff conflicts.
  • How to call patients regarding any unscheduled treatment needs and get them scheduled.
  • Contact tactics – Clever ways to get you in touch.
  • Insurance narratives that get you paid.

What People Say:
“It was a great seminar. The speaker was full of energy and great ideas on a hard subject to discuss.” – Kelly, Dental Assistant

“Our team attended your seminar in Nebraska. What a wealth of knowledge you shared!” – Amy, Patient Care Coordinator

“Really, really applies to my everyday work. Definitely recommended to other offices.” – Mary Ann, Administrator

MDA Is To Sponsor HIPAA Seminar

HIPAA Seminar for MDA Dentists by Danika Brinda

Speaker: Danika Brinda

With the many recent changes to the HIPAA rules, privacy, security and HITECH, it is essential that the MDA provide educational opportunities to members and their staff surrounding this multi-faceted and, oftentimes, confusing topic.

A HIPAA seminar, specifically tailored to Minnesota dental clinics, will provide members with facts and myths, as well as information on the changes to the rule, and will answer your most challenging HIPAA questions. More details will be provided in the coming months, but mark your calendar for Friday, November 7! If you have questions or suggestions for the seminar content, please email Bridgett Anderson, Regulatory Affairs Manager @

The speaker is Danika Brinda. Here is her bio

Don’t Miss This Webinar About Clinical Calibration

Clinical Calibration: The Ethical Approach to Practice Growth

teamworkJuly 30, 2014
6:00 pm CDT

What Will You Learn?

  1. How your practice compares to others in terms of patient flow and case acceptance.
  2. How to lay the foundation for substantial and sustained practice quality and growth.
  3. How to create simple exercises to help the whole team constructively empower patients to make treatment decisions that are in their own best interest.
  4. How to establish consistent hygiene treatment protocols and presentation.

It has been my experience that “Clinical Calibration” can greatly increase a practice’s success, but even if it didn’t help make you more money, you’ll be glad you did it anyway! It’s essential for consistency and getting good outcomes for your patients.

Click Here To Find Out More And Register.

Many of you are familiar with this material. However, if it’s been a while or if you have Doctors or team members that have not heard it, I encourage their participation.


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Profitable Dentist Seminar In Destin, Florida

Monday, May 4, 2009

We had a great time in Destin, Florida,
at the Profitable Dentist Seminar.

Shelly Ryan and I presented the “What Do You Say When” Show and everyone had a blast.

Just goes to show that learning needn’t be boring. We had great music in a fast-paced Game Show setting that had everyone moving and cheering, vying for prizes which included cash pay-outs and…chocolate.

Shelly presented multiple-choice questions that were easy but critical to every dental office’s success. She quickly explained why one response was better than the others, without interrupting the hectic excitement.

You gotta see the video at our website. (Look for the “What Do You Say When” logo.) This seminar can travel! Book us for your event.

Shelly Ryan has over 20 years of experience in dentistry as a Chairside Assistant, Financial Coordinator and Office Manager. As a consultant with Advanced Practice Management, she helps coach over 250 dental teams.