Dental Practice Management


Navigating The Road To Successful Dental Practice Management

Today more than ever, to grow a successful dental practice you need business and marketing savvy. Many dentists rely on APM’s quantitative analysis of industry trends for guidance about setting fees and other operational decisions, but keeping up with internet marketing trends and best practices for new patient growth and retention is a constant challenge as well. And, with the plethora of dental agencies vying for your business, it can even be confusing who and what to believe.

Our goal is to offer APM dental practices a reliable resource for pertinent, concise information so that you can make informed marketing decisions and maximize your efforts for new patient growth and patient retention. From information about managing social media campaigns such as Facebook, Google + and LinkedIn, to advise on maximizing your practice’s presence in local internet search with your Google Places page and search engine directories, to useful tips on optimizing your website for SEO, you can rely on APM. We have our ear to the ground to help keep you in the know and a step ahead of your competition.

We welcome your questions and comments as we develop what we hope will become a practical and indispensable tool for navigating the forever-evolving landscape of attracting and retaining quality new patients.