GDP growth in the United States was 1.6% last year. Wages in the U.S. were up 2.6%.

Dental Office Wages in Outstate Minnesota were up about 4% for experienced staff in all positions. However, wages for the Metro Area (experienced staff of 8+ years) were virtually flat. Although starting wages for CRDAs were up 7%.

Metro Area fees were up 3.3%. Outstate Area fees were up 5%. The gap between Metro and Outstate fees is gradually closing.

Dentists’ major concern by far is “PPO/Insurance Discounts and Involvement” yet only 5% had dropped a PPO in the last year and only 4% plan on dropping a PPO in the coming year. To me, that doesn’t add up.

51% of Metro Area practices reported being up with 30% being down. 67% of Outstate Minnesota practices were up with 15% being down.

42% of Metro Area practices and 55% of Outstate practices said their new patient numbers were up.

60% of Dentists still charge at the prep despite Delta’s push to have crowns charged at the seating.

Nationally, households are carrying low debt levels relative to their incomes. Household debt is at its lowest point in 50 years, proportionally.

50% of area practices use Digital Communication Software with Lighthouse, RevenueWell and Solution Reach being the leaders.

50% of respondents said they are or have used a Management Consultant. Advanced Practice Management had the highest satisfaction rate (8.7 out of 10) and a greater market share than all other cited firms combined. We are proud of that!

Pre-Election Effect?

I had more than one client tell me that their October was less busy than usual. In fact, one client told me that he looked at the election data going back three Presidential elections and in each of those cases, the fall schedule was lighter but the winter was busy. We’ll see!