How To Know Your Dental Website Is Making Progress Online?

Advice about choosing a dental seo companyWe know from our work in the field and our large client data base that the internet has become an important source of new patients. (Patient referrals are still the #1 source, followed by signage/visibility/location, advertising and insurance company lists). Like you, almost every week, we hear of a new Internet marketing company or product or scheme. They all promise great results—”Lots of new patients”, “You’ll be first on a Google Search” or “You’ll be on the first page.”, etc. We see that the follow through varies but is often weak.

So, in addition to taking a very measured and research approach to the Internet, we also see our job as helping act as a “filter” to help our clients sort through the various options and avoid spending their money and time on bull. So before you sign up for anything, call! We are not “all knowing” but can help you sort things out.

Which Online Marketing Programs Are Working to Bring In New Patients?

One of the ironies of advertising schemes is that by the time they’ve proven they work for lots of dentists, they no longer work as well because everyone is doing it! So, you do want to be on the edge but you don’t want to be on the bleeding edge.

Google-Analytics-snapshotYour website/SEO people should be able to provide your “Google Analytics”. This is part of the data you can get off of Google Analytics (this is an actual client’s data from the first four months of 2012).

There is much more to this but here’s a sample bit. You can check your Google Analytics over time to see if your number of visits are increasing. This sample shows a pretty good rate of 73% of traffic came in by Search and they’re getting nearly 50 people a month visiting their website from that (decent for that market).

Places Scout® Report Gives Snapshot of Your Local Search Status

We are able to provide (and some SEO people will provide, but not all) a Google “Places Scout” report.  This is a special tool that shows your ranking based on various key words, both in organic search and local search results.


For XYZ Dental Office
3/20/12 to 4/30/12

As you can see, the client went from “Not in Results” to #1 in the “7-Pack” for a Google search for the “cosmetic dentist” keyword in their area.  For the “dentist” keyword, they went from #3 to #2.  In local search results, they went from #8 to #1 and from #3 to #2, respectively.  All this is to say that they are moving up in the search order.

What Is The Most Important Online Statistic to Dentists?

Easy, the number of new patients you’re getting per month!  The number of new patients are in your Manager Report (we track Comprehensive Exam New Patients for most of you).  If that number is going up, that’s a good thing, right?!  However, even if they are not up yet, they will be over time if your web presence is improved.

We can help you sort out what really is working and what isn’t.  This will help make sure you get the biggest bang for your buck over the long haul. Ready to give your website presence a push or want to check up on your SEO people?  Just call.

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