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Monday, June 21, 2010
Protect Your Reputation.

Keep an Eye Online!

As you probably read in the recent Northwest Dentistry, given the pervasiveness of The Web, every Dentist is vulnerable to receive a derogatory review online.

I’ve seen several occasions in the last few weeks where Dentists didn’t even know that there were negative reviews online. Do a Google search for your area…for example, “Maple Grove Dentist.”

First of all, see if you come up under Google Maps within the first page or two. If not, get after your web guys. Also, make sure there is a link to your website. We’re surprised how often there isn’t.

Then read the reviews. The only defense against a negative review is to have it diluted by a preponderance of positive reviews. Get patients who you are especially close with to write positive reviews ASAP.

When you’re looking for vacation places or searching online, you read reviews, don’t you? As you know, in many places (but not all, yet), The Web is replacing Yellow Pages as a source of new patients. And despite years of controversy, I personally have seen Yellow Page and online advertising work, so it’s worth staying on top of this. A bunch of good reviews can make a difference in your new patient flow.

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