The Dental Dow – 1st Quarter 2014

Comparing the first quarter this year to last  year, we find practice production up 2.7%
and collections up just .3% compared to the first quarter of 2013.

Notable First Quarter 2014 Stats:

  • New patients are up 6%
  • Recall patients are up 1.3%
  • Total patient flow increase of 1.7%
  • Perio is up 7%
  • Unfortunately, downtime in both the Doctors’ and hygienists’ schedules is higher than the same period last year

At 83%, the collection percentage was 3 points lower than the first quarter of last year. Whether this is hung up insurance payments, slow paying patients, or increased PPO write offs, it’s too early to tell.

Summary of 2013

At APM, we stay on top of what is happening so that we can keep you informed to make the best decisions for YOUR practice. Each year we survey practices throughout the Upper Midwest and we tally the results. Last year the top issues for dentists were (in descending order):

1. Insurance PPO/Third Party Write-Offs
2. Staff Issues, Motivation, Teamwork, Costs
3. Technology: Costs, Keeping Up, Going Chartless
4. Production Growth, Filling Schedules, “Busyness”
5. Getting New Patients, Marketing

For a complete summary of 2013 results is available for you here.

APM Bulletin May 2014